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New Kind of Cool.

Designed to solve your cooling needs, our fans help circulate air and quietly provide cooling benefits to help improve the comfort of your home.

Feel the cooling power!

Turbo Force®.
Engineered to blow you Away.

Turbo Force® Fans feature a unique blade design that is 25% quieter than competitive models while delivering powerful air circulation with Turbo Force power. An adjustable fan head can pivot up to 90 degrees providing whole room air circulation.

More cooling power. Less noise.

QuietSet®. The next generation of quiet cooling power.


Our QuietSet® fans are fitted with Aerodynamic blades and a cone shaped air diffuser, engineered to deliver a powerful cooling experience with 25% less noise. *

* 25% less noise than our HS-1655 Stand Fan based on internal sound rating.

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet Stand/Pedestal Fan

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