Engineered to blow you Away.

Turbo Force® Fans feature a unique blade design that is 25% quieter than competitive models while delivering powerful air circulation with Turbo Force power. An adjustable fan head can pivot up to 90 degrees providing whole room air circulation.

What is it?

Our program, entitled Safety Matters™, is constantly evolving to ensure that our products are made with innovative, tried and tested safety features.

In fact, we incorporate safety features that meet and exceed industry standards into each of our products. Safety features used vary between models based on the design and intended usage of the heater.


  •   Tip-Over Protection
  •   Overheat Protection
  •   Cool Touch Plastic Housings
  •   Thermal Insulated Wiring
  •   Reinforced Wire Connections
  •   Crimped and Soldered Plug Blades

Tips For Using Heaters Safely.

Did you know that portable heaters can be as safe to use as your iron or hair dryer if used properly? It is knowing how to use them safely that makes all the difference.

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Be informed.

Read the warning labels.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels before using any portable electric heater.

Don’t leave a heater unattended.

Unplug when not in use.

DO NOT leave operating heater unattended and always unplug heater when not in use.

Don’t use a heater with a powerstrip or extension cord.

Monitor power outlets.

DO NOT use your heater with a power strip or extension cord. Overheating of a power strip or extension cord could result in a fire. Monitor the number of appliances using the same outlet. Too many may cause you to overload a circuit.

String out cords.

String out cords on top of area rugs or carpeting.

Placing anything, including furniture, on top of the cord may damage it.

Keep flammable materials away from the heater.

DO NOT block heater’s air intake or exhaust source.

Keep combustible materials, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, papers, clothes and curtains at least three feet from the front of the heater and away from the sides and rear.

Periodically check to make sure outlets/plugs are secure.

Call a qualified repairman to replace a suspect outlet.

Plugs can become very hot if they do not fit snugly into the outlet. If this occurs, the outlet may need to be replaced.

Don’t use a heater in high-moisture areas.

Such as a bathroom or outdoors.

Unless it is specifically designed for these areas. This can be very dangerous as parts of the heater can be damaged by moisture. Fire or electric shock hazard may result.

Children should be kept away from heaters.

Keep heaters out of reach from little hands.

Do not place a heater in a child’s room without adult supervision.

Place heaters on a level, flat surface.

NEVER place heaters on furniture.

It may fall and cause dislodging or breaking parts in the heater. This could result in a fire or shock hazard.