Honeywell HFD-010C QuietClean® Compact Tower Air Purifier

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My brand new unit was missing an owner’s manual, what should I do?
If this is the case, contact the Kaz Company to have one mailed or emailed.

Where can I recycle this product?
For responsible recycling, please visit

I just cleaned my filter, but the filter indicator is still showing it is dirty. What’s wrong?
Each time you clean your filter you must reset the filter clean monitor. It is a timer driven monitor to be used as a guideline, but does not represent the actual amount of dirt in the ifD® filter. With the unit running, press and hold the filter reset button for up to 10 seconds and when you let go, the filter clean monitor should be reset.

Is my Air Purifier considered an ozone generator?
No! Ozone generators produce large amounts of ozone as the primary way to clean the air. The EPA does not endorse these products because they can cause ozone related health problems. The air purifier does not use ozone as the primary method to clean the air. It cleans the air by using ifD® technology (Intense Field Dielectric) which only generates trace amounts of ozone, substantially below the limits established by the EPA and FDA.


For responsible recycling visit

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